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Unimog U 400 L
: € 46,500.00 plus 19% V.A.T
: 01/2007
: Heimstetten at Munich
: 177 kW / 237 hp
UV-ID: 1318
Vehicle data
: 6,110 h : available
: 130,684 km : 16/14 / manual transmission
: Euro4 : 405/70 R24 (50% front, 50% rear)
A30 Central tyre inflation system (CTIS)
A31 Rim parts for central tyre inflation system
A52 Differential lock at front axle
B42 dual line trailer brakes
C47 Protection grid behind both radiators
C77 Lateral unterride protection
C87 Vertical exhaust pipe
D11 Implement mounting plate DIN76060 type B, cat. 3
D50 Rear mounting brackets
E37 Permanent power socket 12V/15A, C3 impulse incl.
E40 Electric trailer plug-in socket for ABS
E45 Front plug-in socket 24V, 7 poles
E55 Radio preparation (wiring, antenna, etc.)
E87 Implement plug-in 32poles
F60 Tilting device for cab
G20 Additional gearbox with working gear range
H06 Dual circuit hydraulic system
H13 Hydraulic system 3 valves
H51 Hydraulic connection rear, 2 lines at valve 1
H58 Pressure line rear hydr. circuit 2
H59 Separate return line, rear
H73 Hydraulic connection front, 2 lines at valve 3
H75 Hydraulic connection front, 4 lines at valve 1+2
H78 Pressure line front for 2. hydr. circuit
H79 Separate return line front
J08 Socket 24V in cab, C3 impulse included
L45 Working lights rear, at cab
L47 Add.raised headlights for front-mounted implements
L50 Rotating beacon yellow, left, with support
M37 Alternator 28 V / 100 A (2800 Watt)
N18 Retro-fitting possibilities for gearbox PTO
Q36 Rear cross member reinforced (13 t)
Q85 Trailer coupling with big jaw, Ringfeder
R58 Drop center rims 13x24 for tyres 405/70R24
S02 Air-suspended contoured driver seat
S12 Twin passenger seat
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